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Friday, February 11, 2011

Last day of internship - a short impression

Today is the last day of the internship. The day started with the usual singing of sutra's and a lst part of a lesson on leech therapy. Then followed by individual evaluation talks of all the students with Dr. Vijith. This afternoong we will finish the 3 weeks with a Certificate of Completion ceremony.
Last night we went to the nearby Shiva temple, where Dr. Vijith explained us few things and we did a round of prayers and singing of sutra's.

Also last night we made group pictures, as one participant from the UK already had to leave late at night for a flight back to Europe.

And after that we set up our 'semi-professional filmstudio' for further shootings of video classes with Dr. Vijith - an ongoing project on Shad Padartha and the first 15 chapters of Asthanga Hridayam.

Tomorrow on to Fort Cochin and Monday off to Delhi/Rishikesh!
We will keep you updated,


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