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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Work going on in Sreekrishna by Academy of Ayurvedic Studies

The day of the opening of the Medical Camp and Internship is slowly drawing nearer. The stage is being built, hundreds of plastic chairs are standing ready in the garden, and everywhere in Vaikom there are big posters with the announcement of the event. We will have a competition quiz with students from high schools, and we are preparing an official certificate for the participants.

In the meantime we have been filming chapter 12 and 13 of the Ashtanga Hridayam Video Class Lectures Series, and again so much information was to be found in those condensed 2 to 4 hour lectures. Still two chapters to go, and then we have the whole series of the first 15 chapters ready, including 2 introductory video lectures. Students and other interested people will get the full opportunity to go through this whole series of training through video classes soon, either through a classroom setting or online. Keep checking the AAS website.

We will also offer the series as a Theory and Practice Retreat in the Sreekrishna clinic somewhere in the next year. This will be a most superb way of diving into the core of this very authentic Ayurveda track. In the clinic a lot of practical implications of the theory presented in this Video Class series can be shown and demonstrated, or clarified by living examples.


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