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Friday, January 4, 2013

Ayurveda Awareness Day next week

Today we visited a number of secondary schools to inviter their students to take part in an awareness quiz competition, next week on the official opening day of the Medical Camp and the Vata Vyadhi Internship. Dr. Ram Manohar - one of the former teachers of Dr. Vijith - has written and composed the official Ayurveda study material syllabus for secondary education, nationwide, and the students get this study material to prepare for the quiz. The first prize is a nice sum in Rupees, so - yes - probably many students are eager to take part. We'll keep you posted.

Also today we did the first shooting of the remaining video classes - on a very important chapter: Dosha Bhediiyam - on the dissection/division/classification of (the functions of sub-)doshas. This is crucial information if you want to become a practitioner, and gives a lot of clinical clues as to in which direction to think when it comes to treatment. Tomorrow part 2 of this lengthy chapter!

Video Class filming

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