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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go and have a look at the site of this film on Tulsi (in preparation)

Restoring ancient partnerships between people and plants.

Tulsi, Queen of Herbs tells the story of a remarkable healing plant, how she is inspiring a diverse group of people, and how the two are working together to restore the health of individuals, communities and the planet.
Tulsi - ocimum sanctum or holy basil - is the supreme herb of ayurvedic and Indian folk medicine, healing illnesses from coughs, colds and headaches to malaria, diabetes, heart disease and radiation sickness. She is worshipped daily in Hindu homes as an incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi.
The people working with Tulsi are herbalists, farmers, doctors, gypsies, vets, mothers, priests, and dancers in India, America, and England.
Kailash, a farmer once almost ruined by Monsanto's pesticides and seeds, is now a thriving organic Tulsi grower. Pratabi is a herbalist using Tulsi to treat communities suffering from industrial toxins. Dr Singh is an ayurvedic doctor researching the science of Tulsi’s phyto-chemical compounds. Sri Sharma is a Hindu priest working to reforest the sacred Tulsi groves of Vrindavan.


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