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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pujas on Sunday and First Full Day Today

Today we had our first full day, but first I want to mention a little bit about the Vaastu Pooja. Coen has already uploaded the pictures on our website. Above you can see a drawing with herbs representing a temple from above. The white flower in the middle represents the sahasrara chakra and is the roof of the temple. The white ring stands for sattva, the brown for rajas and the black one for, you
guessed right, tamas! The 4 yellow shapes are the 4 gates into the temple and the black leaves on each corner are the deities which protect the four directions. The second drawing you can find on the pictures of our website. Also how this one above looks like during the ceremony you can see in those fotos. The pooja in the morning was a Ganapati Homa and included all of us cleaning Tulsi from its branches. Both ceremonies were absolutely beautiful and de prasad afterwards was devine and sweeter then anything I have eaten so far!!!

And our first day of teaching starting early morning with the chanting of Sutras (Kustha nidaana adhyaaya [nidaana, sampraapti]) and their meanings, then naming, touching, smelling and tasting all herbs that are mentioned for the preparation of ghrithams and arishtas (decoctions) or skin diseases. The smell was fantastic and it was the only time where EVERYONE was totally awake! Heat and jetlag did not really make everyone being fully present at all times!

In the meantime Dr. Vidya and Shreesha (the new assistant doctor) started screening all the patients for next weeks consultation and treatment. The waiting room (which is a nice veranda in front of the house) is getting busy from early morning.
For these coming two weeks Dr. Vijith explained and talked us through the software he has set up for the consultations and treatments of the patients. This involved lots of sanskrit terms for all observations you can possibly have on a patient. Words you somewhat know but still think you have never heard them before!!!!!!! So what better way then to repeat, repeat, repeat and sing them again and again till you finally memorize them deep inside your tissues!! And they come and visit you in your dreams!!

Here one more last foto from our little field trip through Dr. Vijith's little paradise of herbs! See you again soon!

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