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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ayurveda Concepts > The Sapta Dhatus:
Food consumed by us, nourishes our bodies. It happens in a particular fashion. Ayurveda believes that this process gets completed in seven...steps one by one or all simultaneously.
These seven steps hold body and nourish it by their activities and abilities. These are known “Sapta – Dhatus”.

These are: 

Rasa: Provides nourishment to all other six buddies of its. It's a transporter of body – Plasma fluids.

Rakta: Works like Rasa in movement, provides energy to all other five provides color/complexion to body. Blood!! 

Mamsa: It covers the body and gives movements to the body, Muscular system of the body. 

Meda: Collects the energies and stores it for the strengths of the body,Adipose tissue, along with other components, which are liable to store energy in them.

Asthi: Bears the body, make it to stand upright as does the skeletal system for us. 

Majja: Responsible for love and nourishment as its structure is also smooth and soft. As it fills the gap in bones, it can be said- marrow!

Shukra: After nourishment of the body, rest will go for the coming generation.Important for reproductive capacities of a person, or can be said a power nourishing the reproductive strengths of a person.

These seven together hold up the body and provide strength for life!

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