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Friday, December 7, 2012

AAS Extra Newsflash December 2012

AAS Extra Newsflash December 2012

Advanced Clinical Internship on 'Vata Vyadhi' - Dr. Vijith & Dr. Vidya 
(13 Jan - 2 Feb 2013, Vaikom - India) 

  • Open for all AAS students, all international students of Ayurveda, and for ayurvedic practitioners - as continued education. A unique study opportunity! 
  • A great clinical internship program with Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya in Kerala, India.
  • THE opportunity to accelerate your practical clinical capacity.
  • Program, quoting Dr. Vijith: The first week (5 days) will be used to teach theory of diagnosis & treatment of Vata Vyadhi. Simultaneously we will prepare medicines used in Vata Vyadhi in our pharmacy. Students can observe as well as participate in this during all possible hours. 
  • After the first weekend we start medical camp for Vata Vyadhi in the 2nd week. We will do consultation for 10 patients per day. So appr. 50 patients in a week. We will divide students into groups of 5 people. When one group sits in outpatient consultation room with me, the other group will stay with Dr. Vidya to dispense medicine for the patients. Both groups will get explanation from both of us. We will interchange the batch from morning to afternoon. We work with a software for clinical documentation. That will give reports, which the students can take.
  • Third week also, we will do follow up for the same patients, and in selected 10 cases we will do whatever external therapies are needed. The same working hours will be spent on seeing the follow up patients & also doing treatments for the patients."
  • We still have some places available, so if you are interested in this super useful and inspiring program, just check in with us (+31 20 840 1887 - and we'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions!
  • Please share this newsletter with all of your Ayurveda colleagues and friends, in case they want to take advantage of this unique possibility. Thank you!  
Enjoy the snow!
Coen van der Kroon 

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