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Friday, October 19, 2012

Internship and Medical Camps

Dr. Vijith about the purpose and importance of the free Medical Camps at SreeKrishna in Vaikom:

"Ayurveda was the way of living of the Indian population until 3 generations ago. They woke up very early in the morning. Did the daily regimen, went to fields early to work. Took breakfast much later. Had more resting hours. Did oil application to head & body almost every day. Most of them including my grand parents were fit until death. The next generation of my parents who were just born after independence of India, ironically adapted more western lifestyle easily. Most of them went out of the country seeking a better job. Early breakfast, many meals every day, long working hours, away from home & nature, fast food, using chemical medicine for faster relief, chemical fertilizers & pesticides. Finally now they are sicker than their parents.

Kerala being 100% literate and the most highly educated population in India, is now realizing the values of what they lost in the process of "development". Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram is involved in bringing more awareness about the values of natural living through propagating Ayurvedic food , lifestyle & moral advises to the community. Since the beginning, Sreekrishna has always been offering free consultation for all local people to attract them more to Ayurveda. We prepare medicines in our campus to offer the most effective, but cheaper medication.

Still for the BPL (below poverty line) working class people, Ayurveda seems not affordable. They are the backbone of the country working in the field, producing our food and building our infrastructure. Alcoholism, smoking, improper food habits, lot of physical stress at work, emotional imbalance ... lots of Vata imbalance causes. They go for quick money, which makes them sick by their middle age. They are our target group, including lots of women.

Something done by westerners is considered superior by these people. The fact that they will be inspected by western practitioners of Ayurveda itself will attract them into the project. A touch or a massage done by a western person will be an unforgettable experience for them. I use it a lot to attract them into positive ways of living. I have observed them getting shy to admit alcoholism in front of westerners. Many women cry and share their miseries in life. And many of them ask me in person when is your next free medical camp....?”

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