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Friday, June 29, 2012

Theory and practice in our Video Class retreat - January 2013

The practical purpose of this retreat will be to infuse the participants with a maximum of good and deep material straight from the Ashtanga Hridayam – through the excellent video classes with Dr. Vijith as well as assignments to activate your own understanding – and to let this material immediately come alive – or see it demonstrated – in a very real, live clinical setting – through a practical and demonstration part of each day (in the afternoon) in the Sree Krishna Clinic of Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya. There will be patients there – treated in the clinic – and there will be the daily activities of preparing the right foods, making medicines, doing rituals, etcetera. In this way we want to give you the opportunity to in fact ‘breathe in’ all the knowledge – theory and practice hand in hand. By the end of this retreat you will be able to apply – on a deep practical level –many of the very core ayurvedic principles and concepts in your own life and in any level of practice you are currently involved in. Practicing afterward what you will have learned in these 21 days of solid infusion, will bring you important rewards: working with an authentic ayurvedic approach consistently, will bring anyone deep and thorough results, wisdom and wealth – according to the old texts!

Resort in Kumarakom - location Pre-Retreat Program:
Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit Basics Retreat

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